Our training programme focuses on embedding a culture of wellbeing in your organisation. 

Inspire offers a diverse and regularly updated range of courses covering

  • Mental health awareness 
  • Lifestyle and wellbeing 
  • Leadership and management 
  • Development and coaching
  • Substance use awareness

We can work with you to develop bespoke courses that reflect your organisation’s unique needs and challenges or we can deliver and adapt training from our regular programme.

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Stepped care and training

As an organisation focused on clinical best practice, Inspire follows the stepped care approach of service delivery. Stepped care is a clinically proven model used in health and care settings providing low, moderate and high intensity mental health and wellbeing support.  It recognises that one model of service won’t fit the needs of everyone in your organisation all the time.

Training is a step one service. Its objective is to ensure that people in your organisation are well,  can stay well, and know how to access help and support.