Leadership and management

Workplace culture is shaped by how people lead and manage. Effective, empathetic and emotionally intelligent leaders inspire teams.  

We can design and adapt leadership and management training to meet your particular needs or you can choose from our existing courses. 

I feel that this course should be offered to all management team members.

Mental health awareness for managers participant

Most popular in leadership and management

Critical incident stress debriefing

We can work with you to create a speedy response plan for trauma within your workplace, delivering the right psychological support to your people.

The process can

  • Reduce the long-term impact of the critical incident
  • Allow your people an opportunity to explore and understand their reactions to trauma
  • Identify the need for further specialist interventions in response to the incident

We can provide specialist mental health interventions if you need expert support during or after a critical incident.

Leading hybrid teams with ease

The modern world of work demands workplaces adopt a hybrid model, but this brings its own challenges.

This training will help managers 

  • Identify and overcome challenges of hybrid working 
  • Support teams who adopt a hybrid working approach

Effective leadership through change

Change in the workplace can have a significant impact on the emotional and mental health of the team.

This training will help leaders 

  • Understand the emotional impact of change 
  • Adopt strategies to plan, implement and sustain change sensitively and empathetically 

Compassionate leadership

Compassionate leadership focuses on understanding, supporting and enabling those we lead so they feel valued, respected and cared for and can do their best work.

This course will help leaders to

  • consider the boundaries which affect our ability to lead with compassion
  • appreciate the importance of active listening
  • put learning into effect with practical exercises


Looking for something else?

This is just a selection of the training we can deliver. Contact our team if you’d like us to deliver training on a particular theme or topic.

Stepped care and training

As an organisation focused on clinical best practice, Inspire follows the stepped care approach of service delivery. Stepped care is a clinically proven model used in health and care settings providing low, moderate and high intensity mental health and wellbeing support.  It recognises that one model of service won’t fit the needs of everyone in your organisation all the time.

Training is a step one service. Its objective is to ensure that people in your organisation are well,  can stay well, and know how to access help and support.