Inspire Support Hub

Welcome to the Inspire Support Hub

The Inspire Support Hub provides the right help right now, giving you instant access to a range of information, guidance and screening that is tailored specifically to help care for your individual wellbeing needs.

The hub will help you to create a bespoke wellbeing care-plan, as well as giving guidance on appropriate support and intervention through guided self-assessment.

Innovative tools and resources. The hub comprises a number of resources, including:

  • Guided self-assessment via ‘Chatbot’
  • Self-help programmes and digital intervention tools
  • Searchable ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ map
  • Digital counselling tools
  • Wellbeing information library and Bibliotherapy

Whether you’re looking for some advice or need a little more direction, visit the hub and start your wellbeing journey today.

Workplace Wellbeing Redefined

Discover how together we can help keep your teams happy, healthy and productive in work. See the new video here:

Guided by our vision of wellbeing for all, we are the leading provider of workplace wellbeing solutions, supporting wellbeing at work for over 850,000 employees across over 700 organisations throughout Ireland and the UK.

We are leading the way in reshaping workplace wellbeing through our innovative Employee Resilience Programme. Aiming to embed a culture of wellbeing in workplaces, our ERP approach is at the cutting edge of thinking on organisational culture and employee performance and development. Identifying the challenges unique to individual organisations, we work collaboratively to create tailored packages of support services that empower teams and provide a framework for a healthy future.

From Audit and Insight through to Communication - click on the icons below to discover how our ERP delivers a joined-up wellbeing strategy that safeguards a resilient workplace.

The case for Wellbeing

It is now accepted that mental health & wellbeing and business productivity are inextricably linked, with clear evidence demonstrating that effective wellbeing strategies create increased employee engagement and motivation, sustain morale and positively impact the bottom line.

While employers have recognised this, and are investing more than ever in wellbeing solutions, recent research has shown that this investment is not having the desired positive return on mental health & wellbeing.

In fact, the number of working days lost per person due to absenteeism or presenteeism has increased from 23 to 30 days (Britain’s Healthiest Workplaces, 2017). This is borne out by the latest research into workplace wellbeing across the UK and Ireland:

stats on wellbeing

Real, Measurable Results 

Investing in employee wellbeing brings measurable, positive change to workplaces:

Positive change in wellbeing

Up to 70% significant and meaningful positive change in wellbeing.*

Less Absent Employees

Up to 19% reduction in hours lost because of absence due to personal problems.**

Increased productivity

Up to 26% improvement on presenteeism.**

Improved life satisfaction

Up to 22% increase in life satisfaction.**

*Derived from CORE-NET based on upwards of 8,000 employees from across sectors who attended a minimum of 2 counselling sessions.
**Derived from the Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) - the gold standard metric of workplace performance endorsed by EAPA - completed by the employee before and after counselling.

Who we support

Our Mission / Values


Our Mission

As part of Inspire, our work is led by our guiding principles: We want to build a flourishing society in which all people have access to services and support appropriate to their mental health and wellbeing needs. To achieve this we will promote, support and explore flourishing mental wellbeing throughout society. We are an exceptional organisation marked by excellence, efficiency and innovation.


Our Values

We provide high quality, professional and innovative services. We enable positive outcomes for the people who use our services. We act with integrity and compassion. We engage with and inspire each other. We influence policy and public opinion.