The right support at the right time

Inspire’s Therapeutic and Wellbeing Services provide a range of wellbeing support, training and interventions that help organisations, employees and students to thrive. 

We know that the needs of employees and students are as diverse and varied as those of the wider population. To ensure that we are supporting the range of preferences and individual circumstances in your organisation we use the Stepped Care model.

Stepped Care is a clinically proven model for delivering mental health and wellbeing support that focuses on ensuring the most appropriate and effective support is offered first, with people “stepping up” to more intensive support as required.  

Our services include

Start your wellbeing journey with us!

At Inspire we are uniquely placed to offer a full range of mental health and wellbeing support. The flexibility and clinical robustness of the stepped care approach means we can work with you to ensure the right combination of services and support that suits your needs.

“At a time when people’s mental health is so vulnerable, I sleep easier knowing that each and every one of our employees has access to professional counselling support 24 hours, 7 days a week.”

We believe in real,
measurable results

Investing in employee wellbeing brings measurable, positive change to workplaces:


Positive change in wellbeing

Up to 70% significant and meaningful positive change in wellbeing.*


Fewer absent employees

Up to 19% reduction in hours lost because of absence due to personal problems.**


Increased productivity

Up to 26% improvement on presenteeism.**


Improved life satisfaction

Up to 22% increase in life satisfaction.**

*Derived from CORE-NET based on upwards of 8,000 employees from across sectors who attended a minimum of 2 counselling sessions.
**Derived from the Workplace Outcome Suite (WOS) – the gold standard metric of workplace performance endorsed by EAPA – completed by the employee before and after counselling.

Latest News and Features

With that comes years of knowledge, experience and expertise which we share in our blog, providing updates on the latest developments in mental health and wellbeing and on our innovative services and approaches.

Who we support

“Action Renewables has been using Inspire for several years now and we are aware of other organisations who use them too. We believe the confidential work they do with our staff concerning their well-being is an essential part of our everyday existence. The staff of all ages and all levels are under enormous pressure, from both work and home life. It is incumbent on us as a company to recognise that these pressures sometimes lead to staff needing some help. Inspire do them in a very professional and easily accessible way.”

Deputy Executive Director

Action Renewables

“Inspire Wellbeing provides Belfast Met students with a comprehensive and professional counselling service. At a time when student mental health is so vulnerable I sleep easier knowing that each and every one of our students have access to professional counselling support 24hr a day, 7 days a week through the Inspire Wellbeing Student Counselling helpline as well as also providing a weekly student counselling drop-in service on each of our 4 campuses. I highly recommend the services Inspire Wellbeing provide.”

Head of Student Support

Belfast Metropolitan College

“We wish to thank Gemma, John, Stephen and all at Inspire for working with us to provide sessions for four groups of principals during April and May. We appreciated the contribution you all made to support them and provide them with the opportunity to hear about the wide range of appropriate and innovative programmes that Inpire offers to meet their needs. I know they found the sessions informative and would like to take Stephen for his enthusiasm and understanding in engaging with them through out.”