What we do

Inspire’s Therapeutic and Wellbeing Services provide a range of wellbeing support services, training and interventions that help organisations, employees and students to thrive. 

All our interventions follow the Stepped Care approach. Stepped care is a clinically proven model for delivering mental health and wellbeing support that focuses on ensuring the most effective and appropriate support is offered first, with people ‘stepping up’ to more intensive support as required.

Inspire is uniquely placed to offer a full range of mental health and wellbeing support. The flexibility and clinical robustness of the stepped care approach means we can work with you to ensure the right combination of services and support to suit your needs.

…the confidential work they do with our staff concerning their wellbeing is an essential part of our everyday existence. The staff of all ages and all levels are under enormous pressure, from both work and home life. It is incumbent on us as a company to recognise that these pressures sometimes lead to staff needing some help. Inspire do this in a very professional and easily accessible way

Deputy Executive Director, Action Renewables

Workplace wellbeing support across the island of ireland

Inspire Wellbeing provides workplace wellbeing support across the island of Ireland and further afield. With Inspire, you can be confident of

  • the highest level of clinical oversight and governance
  • tailored packages offering the right support at the right time
  • personalised account management ensuring you make the most of the support you receive
  • accessible monitoring and evaluation to track the impact and effectiveness of the support you receive
  • state of the art digital interventions, evidence based innovations and access to the latest developments in mental health and wellbeing

Workplace training, counselling and wellbeing support


Inspire was established in 1959 and is one of the largest providers of mental health, autism, intellectual disability and addiction services in Ireland.

With that comes years of knowledge, experience and expertise which we share in our blog, providing updates on the latest developments in mental health and wellbeing and on our innovative services and approaches.  

Stepped care and Inspire

As an organisation focused on clinical best practice, Inspire follows the stepped care approach of service delivery. Stepped care is a clinically proven model used in health and care settings providing low, moderate and high intensity mental health and wellbeing support.  It recognises that one model of service won’t fit the needs of everyone in your organisation all the time.

Life happens and when it does people need support. The stepped care model allows people to move through channels of support as their need for support changes, intensifies and reduces. Our blend of services mean that we can always provide the right support, at the right time.