Digital wellbeing

Inspire’s digital support hub provides immediate access to information, learning and tools to support physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Our digital hub is an integral part of our wellbeing service and gives your people the tools and information they need to monitor how they’re feeling and take action when they need to. 

    The resource library I think is very helpful. There is a lot of really good information leaflets in there on various topics

    Inspire digital support hub user

    Digital wellbeing with inspire

    We know that some people struggle to reach out for help. They’ll need extra information and support to encourage them to have that first conversation. Our digital hub gently encourages users to prioritise their emotional and mental health using guided, interactive learning modules and helpful information in simple language. 

    The people in your organisation will be able to instantly access professional, helpful content to aid them in their personal wellbeing journey as well as 

    • a guided self-assessment tool that will pinpoint the content that users will find most beneficial 
    • guided self-study courses underpinned by cognitive behavioural therapy informed self-assessment 
    • regularly updated ideas to help connect with people, become more active, take notice, keep learning and give back 
    • online chat to guide users through the hub and refer into our counselling service and employee assistance programme 
    • a self-referral option to allow users quick, easy and confidential access to counselling
    • personalised dashboards allowing users to track key wellbeing metrics like sleep and mood 


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    Inspire provides a range of services to promote and improve workplace wellbeing across the island of Ireland including

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    Stepped care and digital wellbeing

    As an organisation focused on clinical best practice, Inspire follows the stepped care approach of service delivery. Stepped care is a clinically proven model used in health and care settings providing low, moderate and high intensity mental health and wellbeing support.  It recognises that one model of service won’t fit the needs of everyone in your organisation all the time.

    The digital hub is a step one service. Its objectives are to help people monitor their emotional and mental health, to provide people with the information they need to stay well and to ensure people have quick, easy channels into support services when they need these